University of Hull

Fast Facts and Figures about the University
(Hull, Yorkshire, England)

Here are some useful facts and figures about the University of Hull.

  • Hull University Established / Founded: 1927
  • Locations and Campus: 2 campuses - one in Hull and on in Scarborough
  • Notable University Departments: 8 - Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences, Hull York Medical School, Faculty of Health and Social Care, Postgraduate Medical Institute, Faculty of Science and the Environment, Faculty of Applied Science and Technology, Business School, Institute for Learning
  • Enrollment: around 16,000 students overall
  • Number of Staff at Hull University: 2,300
  • Hull University Societies and Clubs: over 150 societies
  • Attractions Nearby: The Deep Aquarium, Spurn Point's bird sanctuary, museums and galleries, beaches, theatres and sports centres
  • Other Useful Information About Hull University: there are 900 courses a year

Hull University

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